Unitron Hearing Aids

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Get moving with Moxi Move R

Get moving in more ways than one with the newest addition to the Discover Next family, Moxi Move R – Unitron’s smallest lithium-ion RIC. It will keep you moving all day long thanks to its reliable and hassle-free rechargeable technology.

Get to the heart of conversations

The unique engine inside Unitron’s Discover Next (DX) platform delivers more than just sounds and words. It delivers key nuances of speech and environmental cues to provide a realistic hearing experience.

The powerful, integrated SoundCore system enables you to understand the deeper meaning in conversations and makes Unitron’s Discover Next one of the world’s most intelligent platforms.

Identifies environments as accurately as a 20-year-old

You can hear in all listening situations with SoundNav 3.0 and enjoy life-enriching media with the help of MediaNav.

Unitron’s years of training their hearing algorithms with machine learning mean this feature can identify life’s ever-changing soundscapes just like a young, normal-hearing listener.

More voices, less noise

Discover Next provides clear speech, reduced noise, and overall sound quality that’s comfortably balanced in any environment with Sound Conductor. It makes the subtle nuances of speech more pronounced so everyone is easier to understand, even softly-spoken people.

Hear speech with amazing clarity – even in noise

Hear better in noisy environments with SpeechPro. It uses binaural cues to know where speech is coming from and enhances it beyond what a typical hearing instrument can do.

A new fourth dimension of SpeechPro, Spectral Speech, is designed to help you better understand words and emotions in complex listening situations.

Put sounds in their place

You will enjoy a realistic sound experience because sounds can be acoustically separated and perceived in their accurate locations, thanks Spatial Awareness, which brings back natural localisation cues with an innovative 4 microphone strategy.

Made for all connectivity

You can enjoy easy direct connections to the people and content you love with hands-free phone calls, video calls and stereo media streaming to both ears – on all phones (iPhone and Android), with no intermediary accessories needed.

Discover Next offers an extra level of convenience – now you can use 2 Bluetooth devices (phones, tablets) as well as 2 TV Connectors with your new Unitron hearing aids.

Remote Plus App

Discover Next provides additional support, options and control. With the Remote Plus app you can:

  • Receive helpful tips, advice and reminders on your smartphone
  • Make adjustments to bass, mid and treble frequencies
  • Adjust the balance between media and the environment
  • Adjust volume, mute and unmute, and watch how-to videos

Free Unitron Moxi Charger R with every pair of Unitron Discover rechargeable hearing aids.

A full day of hearing

A full day of hearing, including streaming. Your hearing aids turn on and off automatically when removed from or inserted into the charger.

Discover Next DX Moxi Fit is Unitron’s smallest RIC with size 312 batteries.

Discover Next DX Moxi Move is designed to be discreet, and is comfortable and flexible, without the benefits of rechargeable batteries.

Discover Next DX Moxi Jump is Unitron’s lithium-ion rechargeable RIC hearing aid, with a stylish design and offers ease of use with a telecoil.

Discover Next DX Stride is Unitron’s fully-featured behind-the-ear (BTE) hearing aid.

Easily connect your Unitron Moxi hearing aids your TV directly

Enjoy television programs through Moxi hearing instruments, with Unitron’s simple-to-use TV Connector accessory.

  • Wirelessly connect your Unitron Moxi hearing aids to your TV without wearing a separate streamer
  • Relax and enjoy high-quality Dolby Audio stereo sound
  • Easily stream from the television, computer, tablet or stereo
  • Enjoy TV again at a volume that’s comfortable for everyone watching

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