Oticon OPN 1 S Launch

Introducing the Oticon OPN 1 S

I was very pleased to be invited to an excellent training day and product launch with Oticon this Thursday. Every hearing aid manufacturer employs different sound and noise management strategies to enhance hearing and Oticon’s BrainHearing strategy is one of the best evidenced. Although as a dispenser I try to match each fitting to TARGET as closely as possible because every ear and brain is different it is perfectly normal for some people to prefer Phonak sound, some ReSound and some Oticon etc.

I have been a little guilty of not keeping up with the Oticon range although I fitted them regularly in a previous role. The OPN 1 S builds on the superb performance of it’s predecessor the OPN 1 and adds an excellent Lithium Ion rechargeable battery. This offers a 24 hour charge and a minimum life expectancy of 3 years for the battery itself. In a first for the industry the battery can be replaced by the dispenser without having to post the aid back to the factory.

With everyone having different needs and preferences when it comes to amplification I look forward to adding Oticon to my list of preferred hearing aid manufacturers for my patients.

oticon OPN 1 S

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