Hearing Aid Prices

Hearing Aid prices from Hearing Therapy

At Hearing Therapy, we pride ourselves on clear and transparent prices for our hearing aids. We also offer flexible interest-free payment plans to help spread the cost of your new devices.

There are no additional fees for the style of the hearing aid. From Invisible in the Ear to Receiver in the Ear and Behind the Ear hearing aids the choice is yours.

*Please note there is a £200 per hearing aid surcharge for hearing aids from the Phonak & Oticon ranges

Each hearing aid manufacturer has different strengths in their range and we will work with you to ensure the devices you choose best meet your needs.

We understand that hearing loss is complex and that your priorities may change once you have gained experience with your devices. We offer a 60-day return or exchange facility should you need it.

Friends and partners discount. Purchase two pairs of hearing aids within 3 months and receive a 10% discount off the second pair.

Select Products

From £845 per ear

  • Entry Level digital hearing instrument
  • Provide great sound quality
  • Perform well in quieter environments
  • One to one conversations
  • Situations where there are not a lot of competing demands on your hearing

Select Range

Resound Key 4 only, fitted in the following styles: RIC, BTE, Full Shell, CIC. Not IIC.

Advanced Products

From £1195 per ear

  • More advanced solution
  • Ideal solution for people that experience slightly more challenging listening environments
  • One on one conversations
  • Family get-togethers
  • Small gatherings
  • Less noisy situations

Advanced Range

Resound Omnia 5
Phonak Lumity 50*
Signia Styletto 3
Starkey Evolve AI 1600
Oticon More 3*


Premium Products

From £1495 per ear

  • Automatically adapt to a variety of environments to allow you to seamlessly continue listening despite challenges
  • One on one conversations
  • Family get-togethers
  • Small gatherings
  • Restaurants
  • Meetings
  • Traffic noise

Premium Range

Resound Omnia 7
Phonak Lumity 70*
Signia Styletto 5
Starkey Evolve AI 2000
Oticon More 2*


Ultimate Products

From £1695 per ear

  • These products really are the best of the best
  • Natural sound and clear conversations even in the most challenging environments
  • Maximise the full potential of your residual hearing
  • One on one conversations
  • Family get-togethers
  • Larger gatherings
  • Restaurants
  • Meetings
  • Complex sound environments
  • Traffic noise

Ultimate Range

Resound Omnia 9
Phonak Lumity 90*
Signia Styletto 7
Starkey Evolve AI 2400
Oticon More 1*

Schedule of Prices

Hearing Aids by Technology Level

Ultimate Binaural Hearing Aids £3390
Ultimate Monaural Hearing Aid £1695

Premium Binaural Hearing Aids £2990
Premium Monaural Hearing Aids £1495

Advanced Binaural Hearing Aids £2390
Advanced Monaural Hearing Aid £1195

Select Binaural Hearing Aids £1690
Select Monaural Hearing Aid £845

All prices are for standard zinc-air or rechargeable hearing aids with a standard desk charger and are inclusive of VAT. Premium hearing aid chargers with integral Lithium-Ion batteries are available for a £150 surcharge. All our hearing aids carry a five year manufacturers warranty and two years of consumables, i.e. wax traps, batteries, speakers wires as required by the devices.

Complete Care Packages

You can opt to extend your supply of chargeable consumables from 2 to 5 years for a small initial fee. This gives the peace of mind that you will not need to pay anything for the care and maintenance of your hearing aids for 5 years.

The price for the rechargeable hearing aids includes the upgrade fee for rechargeable devices.

5 year Care Package 2 Aids £200
5 year Care Package 1 Aid £100

Therapy and Service Appointments

Initial Tinnitus Appointment £165

This includes clinical history, examination of the ears, hearing assessment including high frequency audiometry up to 16KHz, tinnitus matching and initial counselling

Tinnitus Follow Up £65

Ongoing counselling, support and review of your tinnitus

Wax Micro Suction £70 – £30 home visit surcharge where applicable

Including one or both ears, micro suction, irrigation or instrumentation as required. Only one fee regardless of the number of visits required to safely clear the ears.

Wax visit with no treatment £30 – £30 home visit surcharge where applicable

Should we find no wax requiring treatment you will only be charged a consultation fee for the appointment. Additional services such as hearing assessment are charged separately

Hearing Assessment £50 – £30 home visit surcharge where applicable

Detailed clinical diagnostic hearing assessment including otoscopy, i.e. ear examination, pure tone audiometry and printed or emailed report.

Ear Impressions £20 per ear – £30 home visit surcharge where applicable

Includes otoscopy, i.e. ear examination and impression taking for the purposes of making custom ear defenders or hearing aid ear moulds

Hearing Aid Support

Ad Hoc Hearing Aid Aftercare £65/Visit – £30 home visit surcharge where applicable

Support and aftercare for hearing aids not supplied by Hearing Therapy Ltd. Additional items such as hearing assessment and consumables will be charged separately

Custom Ear Plugs

Serenity + Comfort £150

Serenity + Fly £135

Serenity + Motorsport £150

Serenity + Music £165

Serenity + Shooting & Hunting £150

Serenity + Sleep £90

Serenity + Swim £115

Serenity + Work £135

Prices exclude cost of ear impressions. For noise reduction and safety plugs we offer a free of charge ‘Acoustic Leakage Test’ to ensure the integrity and fit of your ear plugs


Aftercare and warranty

Aftercare for your hearing aids is free for the life of your hearing instruments.

This includes hearing re-assessment, re-programming of hearing aids and maintenance.

Our hearing aids come with two years of all consumables such as batteries, wax traps and where required speaker wires included in the purchase price.

All our hearing aids come with an extended 5 years manufacturers warranty.

Optional extras

Upgrade to Premium Lithium Ion Hearing Aid Charger – £150

Complete Care Package – £200 (£100 for One Hearing Aid)

This covers all consumables such as batteries, speaker wires (or one free re-shell if a custom device), wax guards etc for 5 years from the date of purchase.


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