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Professional Audiologists in Sheffield

High-quality hearing aids

As independent audiologists, Hearing Therapy stocks hearing aids from leading manufacturers such as Starkey, Octicon and Phonak. We’re confident in our ability to find a hearing aid to suit your specific needs, lifestyle and budget.

Should your results determine you need a hearing aid, our audiologists work with you to pair you up with your perfect hearing aid and fit and program your device. 

All of our hearing aids come with an extended 5 year warranty, a 2 year supply of consumables and aftercare for the life of the hearing aid. We also offer a free trial and a 60 day return period.

Hearing Aid Services

Sheffield clinic ear wax removal service

Our resident audiologist Tim Husband provides a range of private ear wax removal services to safely and comfortably clean your ears, remove blockages and increase your hearing range.

With 25 years of experience, Tim Husband can perform Endoscopic Wax Microsuction, Ear Irrigation and Manual Wax Removal methods.

Ear Wax Removal

Hearing Therapy audiology services

At Hearing Therapy, we offer a variety of professional audiology services in Sheffield to ensure your ear health and hearing ability. 

Alongside our extensive range of hearing aids, we also offer custom earplugs ideal for live performers, those working in noisy environments and those who need additional customisation and comfort with their earbuds and earphones.

We also provide medico-legal services such as assessment, report writing and rehabilitation. Should you require this service, we can supply you with anonymised sample reports.

Hearing Therapy is very proud to also be working alongside the UK Veterans Hearing Foundation which provides support to veterans who’ve acquired hearing loss during their service.

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Our reviews

  • Avatar Mark Jones ★★★★★
    I had experienced real frustration and stress with a muffled, blocked ear. I had terrible ringing in my right ear. Tim was great - he took images of my ears, let me know the plan and thirty minutes later I could hear again! No tinnitus. … More It was actually quite relaxing and satisfying to the cause of the blockage come out...I’ll spare the details. Excellent and I feel so much better. Highly recommended for calmness, clarity and outcome.
  • Avatar Alex Harker ★★★★★
    An excellent service. Tim is patient, thorough and extremely knowledgeable, taking the time to explain issues in detail and answer all questions. His manner is very understanding and approachable and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend … More him to anyone with concerns about or issues with their hearing.
  • Avatar Joe Henderson-tang ★★★★★
    Trim was a very professional and personable audiologist. My ear blockage was diagnosed immediately and microsuction carried out. I can hear again! Furthermore, he recommended a product which should help to prevent further blockages and … More thus more visits to him! Counterproductive to his business but good for my wallet! Thanks Tim.
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