Hearing Tests in South and West Yorkshire

Full diagnostic assessment hearing tests from £50

Are you concerned about your hearing? Perhaps you are beginning to notice a loss of hearing ability, as you are beginning to struggle in understanding people during regular conversations. Or worse, there are odd sensations and pains that are creeping in.

A full hearing test is your first step towards a better quality of life. If you have any concerns about your hearing whatsoever then it is time to let a professional audiologist help locate the issues that are causing you discomfort, or a decrease in hearing ability.

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What do you get in a hearing test?

We offer full and thorough consultations in our Sheffield location and our new Mirfield clinic. Our hearing tests do three things:

  • Locate problems
  • Diagnose issues
  • Offer pathways towards better hearing

From the price of £50 you will receive:

  • A full examination of your ear canals and eardrum by a qualified audiologist to locate potential problems
  • A full diagnostic hearing test to assess your hearing ability
  • Diagnostic tympanometry where required
  • A copy of your test results and a referral letter where required

What if my hearing test results mean I need hearing aids?

It may be the case that your hearing test results lead to us suggesting hearing aids as a solution to your problems.

At Hearing Therapy we offer a wide range of hearing aids from a variety of industry-leading manufacturers. This means we can draw upon different emerging technologies to suit different patients, based on the results of your hearing test.

We are an independent audiology company and therefore we are not obliged to sell you a solution from any particular manufacturer. Your solution will be the one that we recommend based on our many years of audiology experience.

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Tinnitus testing

We have recently upgraded to extended high-frequency headphones. While most audiologists will test up to 8KHz, we can test up to 16KHz.

This can be helpful in assessing causes of tinnitus or early detection of a lesion of the VIIIth (vestibulo-auditory) nerve.

We also have the ability to undertake Otoacoustic Emissions.

This can let us know how well the inner hair cells of your Cochlear are working. This is really important in tinnitus assessments, medico-legal and differential diagnostics assessments for auditory processing disorders.