Earwax Removal

Tim Husband is a fully qualified Clinical Ear Care Specialist.

Tim has been a Clinical Audiologist, Hearing Therapist and Registered Hearing Therapist for 25 years working as a Chief Audiologist for the NHS prior to developing his private practice at Hearing Therapy Ltd.

He provides a range of earwax removal services in-clinic including instrument and microsuction.

Tim has been ENT-trained to perform earwax removal to safely clean and clear your blocked ear. Unlike ear syringing and irrigation which attempts to flush out ear blockage blindly by pumping water in your ear, microsuction gently vacuums the earwax out of the ear under direct vision using medical-grade clinical loupe optics. This method of visualising the obstruction with a loupe whilst removing it affords a wide clear field of view to enable comfortable and safe removal.

Visit us in our CQC approved clinic to access this service in the most appropriate environment.


One or Two Ears: £70

Assessment Only: £30

An after hours domiciliary service is available on request. There is a £30 surcharge for this service.

There is only one charge for wax removal. In most cases this can be achieved in one visit. If more than one visit is required to remove the wax safely and comfortably you will not be charged multiple times.

If the problem is not ear wax there is a £30 appointment fee. Hearing test and/or referral advice will be offered.

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