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Experience natural hearing 24/7

Phonak Lyric is the world’s first and only 100% invisible hearing aid that can be worn 24/7 for months at a time.

Designed for ultimate discretion and convenience, the Lyric is the ideal solution for those seeking a hearing aid that provides a natural hearing experience around the clock.

Whether you’re showering, sleeping, playing sports or in a noisy environment, you can experience 24/7 comfort, 24/7 reliability and 24/7 clear and natural hearing.

Hearing Therapy has been chosen as one of the UK’s dispensers of Phonak Lyric and is now available from our Eastthorpe Hall clinic.

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Key features of the Phonak Lyric

  • World’s most discreet hearing aid
  • No battery changes and no repairs
  • Can be safely worn for months at a time
  • Fuss-free hearing 24 hours a day
  • Uses your ears’ anatomy to provide natural hearing
  • Relieves symptoms of tinnitus faster than traditional hearing aids
  • Improved sleep and well-being
  • Comfortable wear with other headwear such as headphones, ear defenders and glasses
  • Available as a yearly subscription with all care included

Around-the-clock tinnitus relief

Did you know, up to 15% of the population live with tinnitus? Many of these cases are untreated.

While some people find their tinnitus manageable without intervention, others with more severe tinnitus will require specific treatment to manage their symptoms.

Wearing the Phonak Lyric hearing aid is an effective way to manage tinnitus, and with its constant wear, it will reduce tinnitus annoyance faster than daily-wear hearing aids.

With tinnitus relief day and night, wearing the Lyric can lead to better sleep quality, reduced levels of stress and overall improved well-being.

100% invisible hearing aid

Made to be experienced without being felt or seen, the Lyric is worn deep within the ear canal, making it completely invisible.

On top of being 100% invisible, you can say goodbye to dealing with battery changes or daily insertions.

The Lyric is replaced by your audiologist every few months, guaranteeing your hearing aid remains in top condition throughout its wear.

Subscribe to better hearing

The Phonak Lyric hearing aid is available from selected audiologists on a complete-care subscription-based service that lasts 1-year. This includes regular device replacements, servicing and software updates.

You’ll receive comprehensive support no matter where you are in the world – so long as you’re visiting an approved Phonak Lyric supplier, you can ensure your hearing is always performing as you need.

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