Our Hearing Services

Our friendly team is here to provide you with expert and helpful advice, whether that's simply replacing your hearing aid battery or a comprehensive hearing assessment and evaluation, including fitting, demonstrating and the ongoing monitoring of your ear health and hearing aids.

Hearing Tests

Our full diagnostic hearing tests include an ear examination to check the health of your ears and a hearing screening to determine your hearing capacity. Click here to learn more about our hearing tests.

Earwax Removal

Ears blocked with problematic earwax? Our CQC approved clinic can remove built-up ear wax using endoscopic microsuction, ear irrigation or manual ear wax removal to put you on the path to comfort and better hearing.

Hearing Aids

Hearing aids are the best solution for mild, moderate and severe hearing loss, and with Hearing Therapy you'll have access to many high-tech hearing aids and affordable, flexible finance plans. Learn more about our Hearing Aids here.

Tinnitus Assessment

No two experiences of tinnitus are the same so finding the right support is important in managing your tinnitus. As a previous tinnitus management specialist within the NHS, our audiologist will work towards a solution with you.

Medico Legal Services

With 30 years of audiology experience, Tim Husband can assist you with your medico legal needs, such as medico legal assessments, report writing and rehabilitation services. Learn more here.

Free Hearing Test

Unsure if you need to book a hearing test appointment? Use our quick and easy hearing screener to help determine whether you need to visit us in clinic or book a home visit for a full hearing test.

Custom Ear Plugs

Custom ear moulds provide the perfect fit for your ears, so you can enjoy the things you love. Start your journey towards better, safer listening.

Musicians’ Monitors

Custom ear plugs designed with musicians in mind, so you can take the first step in preserving your hearing health.

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