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Our friendly team is at hand to provide expert and helpful advice; whether just replacing a battery to the comprehensive service of hearing assessment, evaluation, demonstration and fitting of the hearing aid, to ongoing monitoring to ensure complete satisfaction.

Hearing Tests in Sheffield and Barnsley

Full diagnostic assessment hearing tests are available with Hearing Therapy. A full examination of your ear canals and ear drum from a qualified and independent hearing specialist, providing unbiased advice and solutions to help improve your hearing.

Earwax Removal

Visit us in our CQC approved clinic to access this our earwax removal services. We will assess you determine the most appropriate solution for you. There is only one charge for wax removal and in most cases this can be achieved in one visit.

Hearing Aids

We may recommend hearing aids as a solution following on from your hearing test. If that is the case, we will work with you to determine the right product and solution for your requirements. Finance available on all Advanced, Premium and Ultimate hearing aids.

Tinnitus Assessment

Tinnitus is an internal noise that may be heard in one ear, both or simply somewhere in or around the head. The sound heard can and does vary a great deal between people. For some it is a high frequency whine, a dull rumbling or pulsing.

Medico Legal Services

Our Principal Clinical Audiologist Tim Husband has over a decade of experience working in Medico Legal assessment, Medico Legal Report writing and Medico Legal Rehabilitation services. Anonymised sample reports are available on request.

Free Hearing Test

We have a three-minute online hearing screener that helps you to find out how well you're hearing. You will need headphone for this test. It's a great way to determine whether you need to see a professional audiologist in person.

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