Where can I find hearing aid batteries?

If you have recently purchased hearing aids, you might also need to buy hearing aid batteries. With so many different manufacturers and types of hearing aids, it can be challenging to know where to start looking. 

In this blog, we will explore the different types of hearing aids and hearing aid batteries, going into more depth on how batteries may differ for hearing aids and manufacturers. And of course, the best places to find these batteries. 

Different types of hearing aids

There are four main types of hearing aids that people can choose from. They differ in how they look and also their performance, which means some hearing aids are better suited to certain hearing loss levels compared to others. This also means that some hearing aids offer better discreetness. Below you can find out more information about these different types of hearing aids and which might be best suited for you. If you are interested in purchasing a pair of hearing aids but are wondering how much hearing aids cost click the link to find out more information.

BTE – Behind the ear

Behind the ear hearing aids have a slightly larger battery and are placed at the back of the ear. The hearing aid is connected to the ear canal via a small tube. Although slightly less discreet, this hearing aid can help those with mild to profound hearing loss. 

ITE – In the ear

In-the-ear hearing aids are completely custom-made and therefore, provide greater comfort and are barely visible. These are currently the most discreet hearing aids you can purchase. These hearing aids are suited to those with mild to moderate hearing loss.

ITC – In the canal

In-the-canal hearing aids look very similar to in-the-ear hearing aids. However, rather than a full shell, ITC hearing aids are fitted to your lower ear (the ear canal). ITC hearing aids are well suited to people suffering from mild to moderate hearing loss. 

RIC – Receiver in canal

Receiver-in-canal hearing aids are much like behind-the-ear hearing aids yet, they are much smaller and more discreet. Rather than a tube connecting the hearing aid to the ear canal, a wire is used for less visibility. These hearing aids are recommended for those suffering from mild to moderate hearing loss.

IIC – Invisible in the Canal

IIC hearing aids are the smallest custom made models available. They typically can only be seen by looking directly down the ear canal and can be very effective for mild to moderate hearing loss. Because of their size they don’t benefit from rechargeable batteries or Bluetooth radios. However, because the microphone is placed deep in the ear canal the wearer gets the natural sound collection and focussing boost that the external ears provide, making speech in background noise easier to hear. They can be prone to wax blockage but regular changing of the wax filters keep the hearing aids working well.

Batteries for each hearing aid

There are currently four different main types of hearing aid batteries available, some of which you can use for more than one type of hearing aid. These batteries vary in size depending on the model of hearing aid they are built for, the difference in size can affect the lifespan of the hearing aid battery. For batteries with a lower lifespan, it can be worthwhile to buy a larger amount. These hearing aid batteries are differentiated by size and colour to make them easy to find and 

remember. Below, each hearing aid type is listed along with which batteries can be used for that specific model. If you have been experiencing any problems with your hearing aid, don’t forget to read our blog on common hearing aid faults, there may be a solution for you.

BTE – Behind the ear 

  • Size 675, Blue batteries
  • Size 13, Orange batteries
  • Size 312, Brown batteries (mini BTE)
  • Size 10, Yellow batteries (IIC)

Size 675 (Blue batteries) have a life span of around 9-20 days, this is the longest battery lifespan out of all hearing aid batteries. This is why they are the best batteries for BTE as this is also the largest hearing aid size you can currently choose from.

Size 13 (Orange batteries) have a life span of 6-14 days, this is slightly less but still a good amount of time. You can use this battery for both ITE and BTE hearing aids which makes them slightly more flexible.

Size 312 (Brown batteries) have a lifespan of around 4-12 days, if you use your hearing aids often it could be a good idea to invest in buying a few of these batteries to get more use from your hearing aids. These can be used for both mini BTE and ITC hearing aids. 

Size 10 (Yellow Batteries) have a lifespan of around 3-5 days, if you use your hearing aids often it could be a good idea to invest in buying a few of these batteries to get more use from your hearing aids. These can be used for both mini RIC and IIC hearing aids. 

ITE – In the ear 

  • Size 312/13, Brown or Orange batteries

ITC – In the canal

  • Size 312, Brown batteries

RIC – Receiver in the canal

  • Size 10/312, Yellow or Brown batteries

IIC – Invisible in the Ear

Size 10, Yellow batteries

How batteries might differ between manufacturers

Each of the batteries previously mentioned is made by more than one manufacturer, and they can differ. Here are some of the key differences which will help you when finding and purchasing these hearing aids.

Size 675 Blue

Manufacturers are Duracell and Rayovac. Currently, Duracell is known for having longer-lasting and more powerful batteries for the size 375 blue. They are slightly more expensive than Rayovac but you get more power for your money. You can find these batteries in a pack of six from both manufacturers.

Size 13 Orange

For size 13 orange hearing aid batteries, Renetta is currently the best choice of the manufacturer to choose when purchasing these. However, Duracell and Rayovac also manufacture this size battery if you would like another option. These batteries again come in a pack of six.

Size 312 Brown

There are many top manufacturers currently producing and selling size 312 hearing aids. Including Energizer, Rayovac, Panasonic and more. Once again the best manufacturer for the size 312 brown hearing aids battery is Duracell. 

Size 10 Yellow

For size 10 hearing aid batteries Rayovac is currently the best manufacturer to buy these batteries from. Duracell, Power one, Signia and more manufacturers also produce this battery size as well.

Best places to find hearing aid batteries

All of the hearing aid batteries previously mentioned can be found online on various sites, such as the one linked. Or you can often arrange a postal service from your hearing aid provider with Hearing Therapy.

If you want to find a shop for your hearing aid batteries many supermarkets now sell them. Alternatively, you can visit your local high street hearing aid providers.

Book a hearing test today

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