You’re in Paradise Now

You’re in paradise, and I’m jealous.

We’re at a point now where people with hearing aids have some distinct advantages over those of us without. Phonak’s latest offering is a testament to this. As a self confessed nerd I’m a bit envious.

There was a time when wearing hearing aids was a bit of a chore and they were exactly that. Hearing aids. Nothing more and nothing less. They made stuff louder. Those days are gone. Phonak’s new Paradise platform demonstrates this beautifully. Can you imagine having access to your favourite voice assistant, crystal clear hands free phone calls and media streaming from up to 8 devices of your choice right there, in your ears? No? well, that’s OK. You don’t have to. It’s here in the shape of Phonak Paradise. Oh, and not to mention the top notch sound quality, rechargeable batteries and touch controls.

First and foremost let’s talk about functionality at a hearing aid. This thing has it in spades. I think my favourite feature is the accelerometer (the thing in your phone that decides which way up your screen should be). Paradise uses an accelerometer to determine the position of the hearing aids and adjusts them to suit. Phonak calls this hearing in motion. This is truly amazing when you consider the size of a hearing aid in comparison to a phone. This brings us nicely onto a feature that phonak call Autosense 4.0. This allows the hearing aids to adapt to the environment and what is going on within it. This means that no matter what you are doing or where you are doing it you are going to get the best from your hearing aids. This coupled with the hearing in motion feature and Phonak’s speech enhancer which allows better speech intelligibility in almost all situations make for a hearing aid experience as good as anything out there.

Now for the fun bit… Not only do you get a top notch hearing experience you get some toys too! Phonak have built in the ability to use your favourite voice assistant directly from your hearing aids with a tap of the device. For me that’s Amazon’s Alexa but Google assistant and Apple’s Siri are also compatible. You now have the knowledge of the entire internet in your ears along with news, weather reports, reminders and your favourite playlists.

Still feel disadvantaged because you wear hearing aids? I think not. Not only do you have a device that will adapt to it’s environment and lets you be a part of and communicate within it, you are now connected to the world!

Phonak Paradise

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