Childrens Hearing Tests

Hearing Tests for Children

We have all the facilities needed to conduct detailed hearing assessments on children aged 5 and over. Our Principal Clinical Audiologist Tim Husband worked in Paediatric Audiology for several years in West Yorkshire conducting Visual Reinforcement Audiometry, targeted Otoacoustic Emissions testing and play audiometry as a Senior Clinical Audiologist.

At our main Audiology Clinic in Sheffield we can undertake a wide range of hearing tests to ensure the health of your childs ears.

  • Otoscopy – direct examination of the ear canal and tympanic membrane to ensure all structures and landmarks are intact and functioning
  • Tympanometry – middle ear pressure tests that help us to check the movement of the ear drum, the air pressure behind the ear drum and the integrity of the ear drum. This can help identify childhood conditions such as glue ear
  • Otoacoustic Emissions – OAE is a sensitive test of the outer hair cells of the inner ear. It is used in the UK for all neonatal hearing screens and can help confirm the health and function of the inner ear (Cochlea).
  • Play Audiometry – This is a technique to support younger children to respond to the odd beeps and buzzes of a hearing test accurately and reliably
  • Pure Tone Audiometry – Classic diagnostic hearing assessment with headphones placed on the childs ears and pure tones played to ascertain the threshold of hearing 


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