Phonak Lyric invisible hearing aid: How it works

Hearing technology is getting better and better, and that couldn’t be truer with the Phonak Lyric hearing aid; the world’s first and smallest hearing aid available on the market. 

This revolutionary hearing aid boasts greater tinnitus relief, months of extended wear and is completely hidden from view. We couldn’t be more proud to announce that Phonak has selected our Mirfield audiology clinic as one of the UK’s few invisible Lyric hearing aid providers.

What is the Phonak Lyric hearing aid?

The Phonak Lyric hearing aid is a unique, extended-wear hearing device that is made to be worn continuously without daily removal – not even to sleep or swim! It’s known for its discreet design and exceptional sound quality, making it a first choice for those looking for a 100% invisible hearing aid.

Key features of the Lyric hearing aid

  • Completely invisible: like IIC devices, these hearing aids are placed within the ear. However, the Lyric is placed deeper within the ear canal so it’s entirely hidden. This is a great option for those whose well-being is impacted by wearing visible hearing aids.
  • Worn 24/7: the Phonak Lyric hearing aid is worn all day and all night, giving around-the-clock hearing support and tinnitus relief.
  • Fit it and forget it: one of the biggest benefits of the Lyric hearing aid is its extended wear. This remarkable hearing aid can be worn for 2 months at a time so you needn’t worry about inserting it each day and misplacing your hearing aid.
  • No need for battery replacements or repairs: As simple as it sounds, with the Lyric, you don’t need to worry about changing the battery, charging your hearing aid or replacements and repairs. When the time comes for a new hearing aid, your specially trained audiologist will fit you with a brand new Phonak Lyric device.

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About our Phonak Lyric offer

We offer a complete-care package when you subscribe to a Phonak Lyric device. Our special offer includes free swimming custom earplugs and free earwax management for the length of your subscription, as well as the standard replacement devices, software updates and care appointments.

Although Phonak’s invisible hearing aids can be worn when swimming and showering, they aren’t waterproof; this is why we provide custom-moulded earplugs with each subscription. Using earplugs will prevent water from entering the ear and causing the hearing aids to break.

However, should your hearing aids stop working whilst you’re out of the country or your local area, the Phonak Lyric program is worldwide meaning you’ll be able to find a Lyric dispenser in most countries across the globe.

As well as custom earplugs, we’ll perform an earwax removal before your first Lyric hearing aid and before each replacement hearing aid. We can’t install an invisible hearing aid on top of the earwax build-up, so we’ve added complimentary wax removal as part of your hearing care package.

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Phonak Lyric questions and answers

Can I try invisible hearing aids for free?

We understand the apprehension that comes with committing to something when you’re not sure if it’ll work for your lifestyle! That’s why we offer a risk-free 30-day trial so you can try out the Phonak Lyric before committing to a year’s subscription. Chat to one of our clinicians to learn more about this offer. 

Can I remove invisible hearing aids myself?

The short and sweet answer is no. The device is placed deep within the ear canal and very close to delicate structures within the ear and only trained audiologists can remove the Lyric hearing aid from your ear.

How long do Phonak Lyric hearing aids last?

Phonak says their hearing aids can be worn for 2 months at a time, however, to ensure your hearing aid is always performing at its best and your ears don’t build up too much earwax, we recommend getting a new Lyric hearing aid fitted every 8 weeks. 

How do invisible hearing aids stay in place?

There are 3 main ways that Lyric hearing aids stay in place: 

  1. They come in a broad range of sizes to fit different ear sizes
  2. They use your ears’ natural anatomy to secure them in place 
  3. And, their depth within the ear canal 

Together, these factors ensure a snug fit that lasts.

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Do invisible hearing aids work for everyone?

Invisible hearing aids don’t work for everyone. They’re best suited to those with mild to moderate hearing loss, and your anatomy will also determine suitability. However, the Phonak Lyric does work with a large percentage of those who meet suitability criteria.

Can I shower or swim with invisible hearing aids in? Are invisible hearing aids waterproof?

Although you can swim and shower with invisible hearing aids, they are not waterproof and will break when exposed to water. To ensure you’re always able to appropriately care for your Phonak Lyric hearing aids and they last as long as possible, we provide free custom earplugs with all of our Lyric subscriptions. 

We recommend when swimming and showering to always wear well-fitting ear plugs to prevent water from entering the ear canal. 

Can you feel invisible hearing aids in the ear?

You may be able to feel them but they should not be uncomfortable – and if they are, please seek advice from your audiologist. Because invisible hearing aids are made for extended wear, they’re built with natural feel and comfort in mind. 

Do Phonak Lyric hearing aids help with tinnitus?

Yes! Invisible hearing aids are great for those who experience tinnitus and have been found to relieve symptoms of tinnitus better and faster than traditional hearing aids. This is because the Phonak Lyric is worn around the clock, giving your brain consistent support and sound-bathing, helping the brain adjust quicker. 

How much are invisible hearing aids?

The Phonak Lyric hearing aid is available on an annual subscription basis. This includes all servicing and replacement devices, replacement services and software updates. When you take out a subscription with us, you’ll also benefit from free custom ear plugs to protect your hearing aids from water damage and free earwax management prior to all insertions and replacements. 

For all of this over one year, a single Lyric hearing aid can cost as little as £150 per/month with a 12-month contract.

Learn more about the Phonak Lyric hearing aid

If you want to find out if you’re suitable for a Phonak invisible hearing aid, book an appointment with our team at Eastthorpe Hall, Mirfield for a chat and consultation. You can also head over to our Phonak Lyric page to learn more about the device and its benefits.

Author Tim Husband