The Best Hearing Aids of 2024

As we begin the new year, hearing loss is still a prevalent issue affecting millions of people across the UK. Thankfully, huge advancements in hearing aid technology are still happening each year, with the latest models outperforming their predecessors.

Finding the perfect hearing aid for you can be a tricky process, so we’ve picked out some of our favourites for 2024.

This guide will highlight some of the key features and benefits of all the latest technology and our recommendations to help you transform your hearing again.


ReSound Nexia 9

ReSound’s newest hearing aid technology has been developed into the ReSound Nexia 9; their smallest ever model. Boasting brand-new technology, the Nexia 9 shows advancements in Bluetooth and TV capabilities and is 16% smaller than their previous miniRIE model. 

Features and Benefits

  • Smaller than ever: The smallest rechargeable model ever made, with 24 hours of use from one charge. 
  • Top rated for ‘hearing in noise’: 9 out of 10 users would recommend the Nexia model for its ability to hear whilst in noisy environments.
  • All-day comfort: Designed with a low centre of gravity, the hearing aid provides stability and comfort for you to wear all day.
  • Touch to connect: With the new Bluetooth® Auracast™ broadcast audio technology, you can stream calls from your mobile device directly to your hearing aids. With a double tap of your ear, you can answer calls with higher sound quality and lower battery consumption.
  • TV-Streamer+: Connect your hearing aids to your TV with MagicPairing, allowing you to adjust your TV volume and surrounding sounds with the ReSound Smart 3D™ app.

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Oticon Real and Charger

Oticon Real 1

The Oticon Real 1 features advanced technology designed to give you the real sounds of life, helping to differentiate sounds so you aren’t left out of important details. Oticon’s technology has learned to recognise all types of sounds, meaning you can experience the world around you as it should sound. 

Features and Benefits

  • BrainHearing™ Technology: Helping your brain function at its best, the BrainHearing™ technology gives you access to meaningful sounds in perfect balance. 
  • Designed for comfort: Perfectly balanced for disruptive sounds such as wind or sudden loud noises, meaning you don’t miss out on the finer details.
  • Built-in Bluetooth: Keeping you connected to the digital world, Oticon’s built-in Bluetooth allows hands-free calls from your mobile device
  • Wireless or Non-wireless charging: Choose between battery-operated charging or wireless charging for on-the-go.

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Signia Silk Charge&Go IX

Signia has developed a small and discreet, yet comfortable and powerful hearing aid in the Silk Charge&Go IX. Featuring advanced technology that helps you to hear clearly in noisy environments, you can now control what you hear from the Signia smartphone app. 

Features and Benefits

  • All-day power: The Signia Silk Charge&Go IX is easy to recharge, offering wireless charging on the go (as the name suggests). Not only that but the battery guarantees charge to last you the full day, plus an additional four charges thanks to the sleek, pocket-sized charging case.
  • Focus on the finer details: With the advancements in technology, the Silk Charge&Go IX has the ability to focus on speech from the front, even in noisy environments.
  • Personalised control: Now with integrated app functionality, you can fine-tune your hearing to suit your unique hearing needs. 
  • Stylish in design: Designed to be discreet without losing style, the Silk Charge&Go IX comes in two colours, with a soft textured surface to avoid reflections. Fit with EarWear 3.0 or custom moulding for comfort.

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Phonak Lumity Slim

The Phonak Lumity Slim features a never-before-seen design with state-of-the-art hearing performance, offering improved speech understanding. Winning the ‘Hearing Technology Innovator 2023’ award, Phonak’s Lumity Slim uses SmartSpeech™ Technology for improved speech understanding or reduced listening effort in a variety of environments. 

Features and Benefits

  • Fully rechargeable: The Phonak Slim Charger is sleek and compact, charging your Lumity Slim hearing aids in as little as 3 hours. 
  • Phonak Slim and Roger™ microphones: Roger™ uses intelligent wireless technology to transmit speech via RogerDirect™ microphones directly into your hearing aids, clarifying finer details in noisy environments. 
  • Personalised hearing experience: Use the myPhonak app to control your hearing with remote control functionality whilst tracking health data.  
  • Sleek design: Featuring an ergonomic shape, perfectly fitting behind the ear, regardless if you wear glasses or not. As hearing aid appearance is a contributing factor to the lack of users, Phonak’s Lumity Slim boasts 60% of people saying they would feel more confident wearing Phonak hearing aids.

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Starkey Genesis AI

Finally, Starkey’s newest hearing aid, the Genesis AI, uses the industry’s most advanced processor technology to give hearing clarity for softer sounds, even in noisy environments, helping to distinguish speech naturally with reduced listening effort. With a multitude of features, the Genesis AI long surpasses its predecessors in ability and benefits. 

Features and Benefits

  • Improved processing and performance: The Genesis AI makes 80 million hearing adjustments every hour, has a 20dB improvement in dynamic range, 10x more memory and 4x faster processing so that you don’t miss a thing.
  • Edge Mode+: This software is the first and only on-demand Deep Neural Network (DNN) powered sound analyser, optimising changes in the environment for seamless transitions. 
  • Ergonomic design: Receiver-in-canal design that maximises comfort, durability and discreteness. 
  • Long-lasting battery: Rechargeable with up to 51 hours of charge, 3 hours of use off 10 minutes of charge, and on-board battery holds 3 extra charges. 

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Before choosing your hearing aid, it can be helpful to consider your own lifestyle choices and preferences, such as your activity level or day-to-day environment. Also, your degree of hearing loss is vital to take into consideration as certain hearing aids are better adapted to varying degrees of hearing loss. With the list of our top picks, many of the hearing aids boast excellent technological features, however, this may not be important for you and your preferences. Finally, your budget should be considered. Hearing aids can vary greatly in price so it is important to do your research to find a balance between your budget and preferences.


The journey to finding the perfect hearing aid can be difficult and overwhelming, but speaking to a hearing care professional can help in offering advice in the decision-making process. Seeking a hearing assessment before delving into purchasing a hearing aid will help decipher what hearing aid may be suitable for your requirements. 

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